Drain Cleaning

Clogging in Your Toilet? Bathroom? Shower? Sink? or Drains? 

Clogging in your drains are early signs of blockage and points to potential downstream problems in your drains and sewer.  So, don’t ignore it! Call Us? 

We are experts in solving clogging, drains (drain cleaning) and sewer clean-out and maintenance. We have specialized equipment and trained personnel to solve your problem, the same day. If your problem should involve sewer line repair, we can handle it using our Trench-less replacement approach and you will face least disturbance to your landscape and structures.

Clogging (Bath & Kitchen: Sinks, Showers, Tub or Floor Drains)

Clogging is when you see “Standing Water” in your sink, bathroom, floor drains or shower. This is caused by a blockage. Dirt, grease, hair, food waste, hygiene products and sludge can build up in pipes creating a grotesque and impassable barrier that suffocates your plumbing and keeps waste from leaving your home.

When this happens, the common list of complaints are

Kitchen: Kitchen sink is blocked? Kitchen sink is clogging? kitchen sink is draining slowly? 

Bathroom: my drains need clean out? bathroom sink is clogged? floor drains are clogged? Shower / bathtub is clogging and backing up, Toilets are clogging and filling.

We know your drains are clogged! You are hearing gurgling noises, smell foul odors in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry areas, and toilets, showers, or sinks and experiencing issues like backups, and overflows. Assuming you have gone thru all your home remedies this means you now need a drain cleaning service!

Drain Cleaning Services

All drainpipes are connected underneath your house through a network and with a ventilation pipe.  The first step in drain cleaning is to identify if the clog or blockage is underneath or in your sewer line and we start with a floor drain cleanout.  Our Plumber will use an augur or a plumbing snake. A majority of the time this helps to clear the clog and push it out of the way. Assuming it doesn’t, the next logical step is to check for problems in your main drain line (targeted for main line cleanout) and then sequentially to inspect the sewer line

Sewer System & Cleaning

Your waste drains into the local sewer system. It is a lateral line that connects to the street sewer system. Are these pipes healthy? how old? type? or damaged? Was there a hard freeze recently leading to cracks? The smallest cracks or leaks in your underground pipes can attract tree root growth. Once inside your pipes tree roots quickly grow larger, obstructing water flow and causing pipe damage. In this case we use a procedure called sewer Jetting (also called Hyrdro-Jetting). Hydro-Jetting is a process using a hydro-jet stream of water, strong enough to clear out any debris in its path (see description and image below). Also we use a video camera to see where the blockage lies and what kind of blockage it is. 

Sanitary Vs Drain Sewer

How your pipes are connected? connecting gutters, downspouts, and sump pumps to storm sewers is okay, but connecting them to your sanitary sewer line is risky. A significant amount of water can flow through gutters and sump pumps during heavy rainfalls or as snow melts. Sanitary sewers are intended to remove a much lower volume of wastewater from your house. Connecting stormwater to your sanitary sewers increases the chances of a backup.

 Commercial Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service

  • Kitchens in commercial restaurants and large institutions (ex- cafeterias, movie theaters) experience difficult sink drain stoppages. Food and dishes may have high fat content and when washed, flow down the drain causing blockages and backing up drain lines.
  • Similarly restrooms in commercial establishments face a lot of wear and tear. Excessive toilet paper, toys and other items tend to get flushed down causing blocked toilets, backing up toilets, and main line stoppages.
  • At Diversified, we have strong experiences with commercial and business customers and we will make it a priority to get your plumbing going with the least interruption to your business. 

Clogged drains and blocked pipes may start as minor issues but can quickly escalate into major problems.  We have seen sewer backup cause severe damage to a house that they had to relocate and spend significant money out of pocket or through insurance.

Call us today! We will find the best resolution for your situation. May not always mean a service call from our end!

Assuming we have to work on your sewer lines, we are experts in trenchless sewer line repair & replacement and we know how to make your life easy and yard suffer the least damage. 

Preventing them starts with recognizing the causes of clogged drains. With so many causes for clogged and blocked drains, the best way to fix them is to prevent in the first place. 

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