Frozen Pipes

 Pipes are supposed to be yielding, but extreme low temperatures can cause high pressures leading to bursts. Not all frozen pipes burst.  They may remain that way for a while based on the temperature, but the worst damage happens when the thawing happens.  Insurance statistics show that these are the most common claims less then $5,000.

What should you do? The first sign of a chance that this may happen is the weather.  Watch your pipes closely. Is it covered with frost? Is it bulging in an odd way? If so, here are 2 things you should do

  • Shut off your water line to that part of your house or even better the whole house. 
  • Call us

It’s frozen and you have shut off the main – then what?

The ice in the pipe is acting as a block on a temporary basis but not for long.  Have your buckets and mops line up to go.  A de-humidifier can also help with the situation. Note – high dampness is a fertile environment for mold and fungus.

We have faced these emergencies before and understand the import of the situation. We will be there soon to solve your problems.

Leaky Pipes

The reasons for leaky pipes are the same as in “Frozen Pipes” section above.  The main difference is it shows up slowly and you have better time to react.  As before, shut off the main water line and call us.

Leaky pipes can cause havoc on your entire home – warped and stained walls, mold and sudden flooding if not attended to immediately. You will see signs early on but longer you postpone, more the damage and more your costs. 

Our experts at Diversified Plumbing & Heating have all the tools and knowledge to inspect your home and give you a qualified answer.  Call us and you will be glad you did.