Sump Pumps

Common Failures with Sump Pumps

  • Power Failure – did you face a power outage recently or a massive surge? If you live in a remote area do you face frequent power outage? Do you have a back up generator
  • The Sump Pump is the Wrong Size – When a sump pump is too big, the pump is forced to work harder, resulting in a shorter product lifespan. But if it’s too small, it may not be able to adequately pump out the water – again resulting in a shorter lifespan.
  • Improper Installation – how does the pit look? set in dirt or gravel. This causes debris to enter into your pump and can result in interference with the pump’s on/off switch or float arm.
  • Switch Problems – this is mechanical issue.  This occurs when the pump shifts from its position inside the basin, rendering the float ineffective. Float is responsible for the smooth operation of the on/off switch. Your sump pump relies on both the switch and the float arm mechanisms to operate effectively.
  • Lack of Maintenance typical recommendations are for it to be run every 2-3 months. Some recommend a yearly program completed just before the rainy season hits.
  • Frozen or Clogged Discharge Lines – were you hit by an abnormal winter and the discharge pipe froze? Is it free of sticks, dirt, rocks and other debris? Protecting the water’s exit point of the discharge pipe will keep debris and animals out of the system, making it optimal for your sump pump.
  • Product Defects – Rare but not uncommon

 Many of these can be resolved by call in us.  We can walk you thru some basic trouble shooting tips or we can visit as you deem appropriate.  We work with sump pumps of all types.